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Homemade Gift Ideas for the Gardener on Your List

Have a gardener on your Christmas list that you would like to make a homemade gift for? Try some of these ideas:

Bird House

You can make birdhouses out of any number of items. If you are good with tools you can make a traditional wood birdhouse, but if you aren't there are other types you could make. Birdhouses can be made out of cardboard milk cartons, boxes, even large hollowed and dried out gourds. Be sure to decorate them too.

Seed Starters

Put together a seed starter gift basket. Collect some smaller pots, seeds, bags of soil and a small watering can. With this gift your gardener can start some seedlings on the windowsill before spring.

Decorative Pots

You can find many different sizes of ceramic pots at craft stores. Get a few and decorate them with paint. They will be a bright addition to any garden.

Garden Stakes and Markers

Create some garden stakes and markers. This is an easy project for kids. Get some paint stir sticks. Let the kids decorate some 5x5 inch squares of heavy cardstock with different fruits and vegetables that would be found in a garden. Have them laminated and then attach them to the paint sticks with a heavy duty staple gun. You can also paint the paint sticks if you want to cover up any writing that may be on them.

The Gift of Time

Put together a coupon book. Include things like helping with weeding, or watering while they are on vacation or even babysitting so that your gardener can have some time to garden.

Handmade Birdfeeders

There are numerous types of birdfeeders you could make. You can make simple ones by putting peanut butter on pinecones then rolling them in birdseed. You can also make birdfeeder shelves that can be nailed to a tree. Be sure to remember a bag of birdseed too.

Garden-themed Ornaments

An avid gardener would love to display his or her passion for gardening on the Christmas tree. You can gift some handmade tree ornaments that go with the garden theme. You can decorate miniature birdhouses with fake snow, glitter and holiday greenery or tie a red bow and a string to artificial birds. You can also tie up bundles of artificial holiday greens, small pinecones, berries and cinnamon and tie strings for hanging and gift them as ornaments.

This article first appeared in the 'Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine' which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

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