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Christmas Gift Ideas > 101 Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

Gifts from the Garden

potted plant of Thyme herb92. Gift an ‘Herb Garden’. Grow various herbs like Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil etc. in small pots. Place these pots in a long plastic flat-bottomed basket and gift it to someone with a love for cooking.

93. Gift a potted plant in a hand- painted clay pot. Amaryllis is extremely easy to grow, looks great when in bloom and is a great gift for Christmas.

94. Purchase a small pine tree. It can be living (usually costs around $6.00 for a small potted one it a nursery) or an artificial one. Consider who the gift is intended for when deciding which type of pine to purchase. Decorate the tree appropriately for the intended recipient. If they don’t have a particular interest that you feel you can decorate around, hand make your own ornaments and use them to hang on the tree. Present this very personal gift to make a special memory for someone.

95. Collect seeds from your flowering plants and gift seed sachets to your friends who love gardening themselves.

96. Make a stationery set or simply a set of note cards using pressed flowers and leaves from your garden.

97. Make a fresh wreath using evergreens, acorns, seedheads, pinecones, flowers and whatever material you have available in your garden.

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