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Christmas Gift Ideas

Creative Christmas Gifts

Christmas is always the time of year we consider to be the best opportunity to give something special to someone and show how much we appreciate him or her. The mall is full of wonderful, shiny and delicious gifts and the Internet offers countless items that we can send to someone without ever seeing the product in person. But sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be the perfect idea for one or two individuals. That’s probably when you need to become creative with your Christmas gift ideas.

A Decorated Tree

Purchase a small pine tree. It can be living (usually costs around $6.00 for a small potted one it a nursery) or an artificial one. Consider who the gift is intended for when deciding which type of pine to purchase. Decorate the tree appropriately for the intended recipient. If there is an individual who loves a certain type of dog, decorate the tree with that type of dog as the focus. If they don’t have a particular interest that you feel you can decorate around, hand make your own ornaments and use them to hang on the tree. Present this very personal gift to make a special memory for someone.


If you know someone who loves to cook, is starting out on his or her own or is a newlywed, consider creating a cookbook from your own personal recipe collection. Over the years, we’ve all had favorite dishes and desserts that were requested over and over again. Share your ‘secrets’ with someone special. You might even want to make a small sampler of appropriate items to give as a part of this gift. It is truly a personal and touching gift.


Create a scrapbook including photos that will mean something to your intended recipient. Scrapbooking is quickly becoming a popular way to arrange one’s photos. A visit to your local craft store will give you some very simple yet decorative ideas on how to put even the smallest scrapbook together. Imaging the fun of sitting down and reliving the memories with a loved one! Another great way of presenting photos is by creating a custom photo book from Lulu.

Personal Christmas gifts are becoming more and more popular each year. The reaction and way these gifts are treasured is a testament to how much yours will be appreciated.

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