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Christmas Food Gift Ideas

Here are a few food gift ideas you could give for Christmas

1. Combine a variety of different cookies in a jar and make a booklet of recipes to include with your gift. Make it more interesting by gift-wrapping it. You could look for gift bottles and jars at garage sales, thrift stores, antiques stores and drug stores. Also you can save old wine bottles and glass water bottles of varying colors and shapes for filling with cookies and chocolate. Decorate the outside of bottles and jars with labels, cards, stickers, stamps or wrapping paper.

2. Dry cookies with crunchy or hard textures, such as shortbreads, are ideal for mailing.
Individually wrap dense bar cookies (like Blondie’s and fudge brownies) with plastic wrap to keep them moist and fresh. Pack crisp and soft cookies separately; moisture will make the crisp cookies lose their crunch. You could pack the cookies snugly in a sturdy tin or plastic container. Over- or under-stuffing could damage them.

3. Ship your food gifts in a heavy-duty cardboard box packed with shipping peanuts, bubble wrap or crumbled newspaper.

4. You could gift home made cookies. Always use unsalted butter in recipes that call for butter. Margarine’s high water content can affect cooking time. Carefully wrap baked cookies, which can be frozen to preserve their freshness.

5. A cookie pot surprise would also be a perfect choice. This pot could contain different varieties of cookies, chocolate, wine bottle. You could arrange all this in a cute colorful container personalized with the name of your choice.

6. Big Missouri Treat Basket. This gorgeous basket can be filled with delicious treats from all around. Wrap it with different nets, or organza with ribbons. You could fill the basket with fresh fruits, cakes, chocolates, peppered jellies, Cajun soybean snack nuts, and blueberry jams are just a few things that you can include in this very showy gift basket.

7. Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Cake. You can get customized Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Cake which has exotic dark chocolate butter fudge, blended with real butter and raspberry liqueur. This could be wrapped in cute colors containers or small baskets with ribbons on it or you could decorate it with the old Christmas decorations.

8. You could make coffee cake and wrap it a coffees mug and fresh coffee beans. Keep coffee as the theme. Decorate it with dry flowers and candies.

9. Take different biscuit packets and attach a biscuit cutter, rolling pin, honey jar and you also put jams and jellies. Make a big gift pack.

10. You could also give a premiere quality of pottery filled with candies and cookies. The bowl could be kept a token of your wishes.

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