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Christmas Chocolate and Gifts

Exquisite chocolates make for really wonderful Christmas gifts for kids as well as grown-ups. Get an insight into the wonderful choices available for gifting Chocolate this Christmas.

Chocolate as Christmas gifts is not a novel idea, but the variety available to us today is definitely novelty. Gifting chocolate gifts for Christmas is now easier and more personal than ever. Fancy any shape molded perfectly into chocolate and any flavor blended into it. Elaborate gift baskets and beautifully packaged chocolate hampers are available to suit every budget and taste and are sure to please the receivers of the gift, no matter what their age.

The Fanciest of Them All

Like all other gifts available, chocolates have their good, better, best and the ultra-luxurious. How about an exquisitely crafted Chocolate Advent Calendar with beautifully cast holiday figures? Or the most expensive and ever delicious gourmet truffles and handmade artistic chocolate figures. The best known chocolate companies bring out their holiday special hampers which are treat to the eyes as well the senses. Hotel Chocolat is one such destination for chocolate lovers and gift givers alike. Check out each of their premium and exquisite chocolate creation before you finally choose your gifts. This premium UK company which grows their own cocoa has now opened an online store for their patrons in the U.S.

Molded, Truffles and Bars

Take your pick from molded chocolates, truffles and chocolate bars or better yet, make your gift extra special by putting all these together in a mouth-watering gift basket. Christmas Chocolate is available in all these forms and with flavorings to choose from depending upon different ages. A true chocolate lover will appreciate a bar of some really good chocolate whereas good quality truffles will be a great accompaniment to a bottle of champagne. Choose molded chocolate depending upon the age and likes of the recipient of the gift.

Chocolate for Grown-Ups

Chocolate isn't just for kids. Excellent quality chocolate has as many grown ups on their list of patrons as much as they have kids. You can also pick special flavors like champagne, wine or coffee for chocolate gifts that are exotic and appeal to grown-ups.

Chocolate for Kids

A box of skillfully decorated truffles will hardly be any different from a foil wrapped plain chocolate to a child. Children love chocolate and it is easier to please them with simple and easy tastes by gifting them their favorite chocolate which comforts them. Instead of gifting just chocolate, you could use chocolate more as an accent or a reward and encourage them to take up activities. Add a bar of chocolate along with your gift of story or activity books with special instructions that the chocolate be eaten only after the book is done. Or perhaps with a puzzle with the chocolate being the 'reward' of completing the puzzle. Chocolates also make a great gift along with traditional favorite gifts like Letters from Santa, a new doll, a trip to an amusement park or a pack of trading cards.

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