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Christmas Gift Ideas > 101 Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

Chocolate Gifts from the Kitchen

Chocolate Biscotti5. Chocolate Biscotti is an all-time favorite Christmas gift. Add to it dried cranberries to make it more Christmassy.

6. Chocolate Truffles in individual paper cases, look very attractive as gifts. For Rum Truffles, cream butter (75 gm) and icing sugar (75 gm). Fold in 100 gm dark chocolate, 50 gm ground almonds and 3 tbsp. rum. Chill until firm. Then, shape into 30 small balls and roll in sprinkles or in cocoa or icing sugar.

7. Chocolate Treats: Other treats can be made with chocolate by dipping nuts, marzipan, crackers etc. in melted chocolate.

8. Chocolate Dipped goodies like Strawberries, Cherries, nuts, Peppermint Creams, Cookies (half-dipped look more attractive) will forever find favor from kids and adults Chocolate Trufflesalike.

9. Chocolate spoons can be made by dipping metal or plastic spoons in melted chocolate. Melt chocolate and add extract or liquor of your choice like mint, coffee, kahlua etc.. Dip decorative metal spoons or even simple plastic spoons if you want to make a large number of them. Coat the spoons thickly. Let dry and coat again to make the coating thicker. Coat with colored sprinkles or crushed candy and let dry. Wrap the spoon tops in cellophane and tie with raffia or ribbon.

A nice way to gift these is to put a bunch of gift-wrapped spoons in an attractive mug. These spoons can be used to flavor a mug of coffee or hot cocoa by simply dipping them into the hot liquid and stirring. You are sure to be remembered every time the receiver of the gift enjoys a hot cuppa by the fireside this winter.

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